Friday, August 12, 2005

Texas Ethics Commission Fines Austin Police Association


Texas Ethics Commission Fines Austin Police Association

Austin, TX - August 12, 2005

The Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has imposed two fines against the Austin Police Association PAC (APAPAC) for illegal reporting related to its support of Austin City Council candidates in the May 2005 election.

APAPAC spent tens of thousands of dollars to support Lee Leffingwell, Gregg Knaupe, and Betty Dunkerley.

The first fine was imposed for APAPAC's failure to notify candidates of its expenditures on their behalf. That caused some of the candidates not to list APAPAC on their reports.

The second fine was imposed for APAPAC's handling of contributions it received from Real Estate Council of Austin members in April. It failed to disclose the contributors' occupations, and did not properly disclose the names of the candidates it was supporting.

The first fine was $100, and the second was $500. The fines resulted from complaints filed by Wes Benedict, who ran against Dunkerley.

"I'm glad the TEC has confirmed that this illegal behavior occurred," said Benedict. "The fines are small in comparison to APAPAC's large expenditures, but the TEC is known for handing out small fines. $600 in fines indicates something serious."

By comparison, of the approximately 450 complaints received by the TEC from 2002 through 2004, only 36 resulted in fines of $500 or more.

The TEC orders may be found here:


Wes Benedict
phone: 512-442-4910


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